Liding Environmental Protection Participates in the Peak Forum of Green Finance Development in the Yangtze River Delta

date:2019-06-28 12:55 browser:0

    On April 19, under the joint guidance of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Management Committee and National Research Institute of Economics, the Peak Forum on Green Finance Development in Yangtze River Delta, jointly sponsored by China Research Institute of Green Finance, Jiangsu International Cooperation Center for Environment, Economy and Technology and Nanjing Jiangbei New Area New Financial Development and Construction Co., Ltd., was held in Yangtze River New Financial Demonstration Zone, Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing. That's ok.


Over 300 people from the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Trade Promotion Council, the Provincial Environmental Protection Industrial Park, the Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association, the Industry Association, the representatives of environmental protection research institutes, the representatives of fund investment and financing circles, and the elite scholars of the industry gathered to discuss the development of green industry and green finance. Liding Environmental Protection was invited to attend the event.

The summit discussed the green construction plan of the Yangtze River Delta and witnessed the signing of a series of strategic agreements. As a high-end decentralized sewage treatment equipment service provider, environmental protection will work hand in hand with many environmental protection colleagues to promote the development of green industry and green finance in Jiangsu.