Liding protection at the interactive Exchange between chiness Enterprises and water Representatives of developing countries in 2019

date:2019-06-28 12:56 browser:0

On April 19, the "Interactive Exchange of Water Representatives between Chinese Enterprises and Developing Countries" will be held at the Xijiao Hotel in Beijing, co-sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Water and Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences-Academy of Sciences of Developing Countries and the Construction Industry Branch of the China Association for the Promotion of International Trade. Li Ding environmental protection and hundreds of government departments, research institutes and water environmental enterprises from the "along the road" countries attended the event.


At the beginning of the meeting, Wei Yuan-chuan, deputy director of the Center for Water and Environment Excellence of the Chinese Academy of Sciences - Academy of Sciences of Developing Countries, delivered a welcoming speech for the event. Representatives of many enterprises, such as Joint Environment and Works Source Environment, have made brilliant speeches to share the experiences of water treatment technology and sewage treatment.

At the end of the theme report, the representatives of the Chinese and foreign participants discussed the current situation and needs of water environment in developing countries, the cooperation between Chinese water enterprises and developing countries, the management and operation experience of Chinese water enterprises, the operation and management experience of domestic water supply and sewage treatment projects, and the application cases of water treatment technology and equipment in water supply and drainage treatment.